The conversational AI masterclass with Antoine Paillusseau and Marius Botha.


10 March 2021

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Event speakers.

Meet Antoine Paillusseau and Marius Botha

  • Antoine Paillusseau

  • CEO and Co-founder

  • FinChatBot

  • Marius Botha

  • Head of Sales

  • FinChatBot

Why you'll love this event.

Join us for the Conversational AI Masterclass

There is a great deal of interest in how conversational AI works to deliver superior customer experiences 24/7, across channels, leveraging the vast amounts of data available. In this masterclass Antoine and Marius will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on the power of using conversational AI solution for your retail and e-commerce business.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • How to deliver engaging, personalised experiences across your platforms (websites, WhatsApp, Facebook etc)
  • How to build solutions using modern tech ensuring your platform creates a fast development life cycle and excellent performance
  • Creating remarkable digital touch points to engage with customers during their entire journey
  • Tools which can be used to measure your success

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    10 March 2021,
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    The effectiveness of conversational AI solutions for the retail industry.

    Technology is constantly improving the lives of others therefore companies need to have efficient and innovative solutions in order to stay competitive. In this webinar we will discuss how to personalise the buying experience for your customers with AI powered solutions. Artificial intelligence has become increasingly common in almost all industries during the last decade and it is not going to slow down in the future.
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    18 March 2021,
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    The importance of AI ethics: machines aren’t out to get us.

    The push for Machine driven decision making is motivated by a desire for insight into the world, how to navigate it and to better understand the opportunities for getting out of it what we want.  These decision making processes apply across the board in all industries and so, machines are technical objects that are closely intertwined with society and its systems of operation. Which is part of the reason why they are so scary, another reason is because their inner workings both technically and otherwise imposed are b...

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