Why I joined a startup after 22 years.


30 October 2020

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Meet Marius and Leandi

  • Marius Botha

  • Managing Director

  • Girls in Tech South Africa

  • Leandi Grimsell

  • Founder / People Director

  • The Human Priority Company

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Join us for career goals

The challenges we face today demand big thinkers. How are people challenging themselves and reinventing their careers and lives to create the future they want. What can we as leaders do to promote change and engage our communities to find fulfilment and happiness.

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    • Technology terms


    26 November 2020,
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    An introduction to tech terms: Data analytics, AI, and ML.

    Fifty years ago, we would have needed computers the size of a warehouse to do what we do today on our smartphones. The raw computing power we have now places us on the precipice of mainstream breakthroughs on a daily basis. But what does it all mean? Defining terms such as AI and ML, and what it's going to do for businesses and society, can be difficult. It is important for everyone to understand some of these basic terms, because we will be seeing them used everywhere.

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