Conversational AI agents provide a wonderfully interactive way for businesses to interact with both current and prospective customers. But there are several pitfalls that corporations may want to avoid to ensure maximum efficiency.

Conversational agents are quickly becoming an essential service in the customer service industry. Many companies, from banking to insurance, have increasingly begun to use digital agents as a fun and efficient way of interacting with new and existing customers.

The benefits are pretty obvious. Conversational agents can simulate conversations with customers in normal language via text or even text-to-speech, thereby enabling interaction between customers and companies on a host of channels.

All of this sounds (and probably is) pretty great. However, this doesn’t mean that all conversational AI solutions are equal. Digital helpers perform poorly if they aren’t developed, implemented and managed correctly, and can end up doing more harm than good.

Here are a few things that you may want to consider before embarking on integrating conversational AI into your business:

No Strategy, big problems

From the very outset, businesses need to be clear about what they hope to achieve with their digital agent. Whether the goal is to simply drive sales or to improve customer service, a clearly defined strategy will enable the company to create a solution that specifically speaks to that goal.

Stay focused, young grasshopper

While it is perfectly understandable for companies to want their conversational solutions to do everything, this is not always the best idea. You probably wouldn’t want your doctor to also be your gardener; take the same approach with your digital agent. A digital agent with too broad a focus may create a system which doesn’t fully understand what the user is asking and cannot meet the need as a result.

The best conversational solutions are those that focus on one or two specific areas and execute them well.

They call you Miss personality

Generic, robotic responses are boring! Give your conversational agent a personality and you are sure to enhance your customer’s experience. A customer’s conversation with a digital agent can say a lot (consciously or subconsciously) about the company they are dealing with, so if your bot is lacklustre, folks may perceive your company as being lacklustre too.

Remember to properly align your digital agent with your brand and culture.

Response time is critical

A slow conversational solution is as useless as the second shift button on a keyboard. Digital agents should ideally offer quicker and more efficient responses than their human counterparts. When a digital agent takes a long time to respond to a question or a request, users may move on to another company who can handle their request more quickly.

But I’m not a real boy!

While conversational agents are designed to replicate human conversation, they should never be passed off as being human. Customers demand transparency, so while a firm may want their digital agent to converse like a real human, they should never try to give a user the impression that they are talking to an actual human. That’s just not cool.

I’m doing all the work here

Conversational AI should make customer interactions fun, efficient and above all, simple. Clients need to be able to get answers to their queries with relative ease. No complicated, six-step processes to get a single answer. Just keep things simple.

Be polite

Personality is a great thing for a digital agent, as it can enhance a customer’s UX. However, your digital agent shouldn’t come across as arrogant, condescending or sarcastic. Give your solution a persona that is fun, friendly and polite.

Will you please answer my question?

Conversational AI should be able to answer the most common questions that users ask. The purpose of digital helpers is to simplify the interaction with customers for convenience. If a digital agent cannot handle the most straightforward questions, it simply does not add any value.

Offer an escape route

Realistically, conversational AI solutions are not able to answer every question or query that a user may pose. The digital agent must provide an easy link for the user to chat to a live human agent whenever it cannot handle a question or resolve a query.

Don’t forget to go for a test drive

You wouldn’t buy a car without first taking it for a test drive, right? It stands to reason that any new conversational AI solution will have a few kinks to work out. It makes sense to test the system thoroughly before launching it to your whole customer base, to see if it operates the way it should and to possibly head off any potential problems.

Supervise the solution

Yes, digital agents require far less maintenance than a live agent. It can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never take a lunch break. But that doesn’t mean it should be left unsupervised. Conversational AI should be constantly reviewed and enhanced to accommodate the ever-changing needs of customers.

You speak my language

Is your conversational AI solution capable of handling queries in different languages? If not, you’re at a disadvantage. A multilingual digital agent allows customers to converse in the language that they feel most comfortable. Way cooler than those English-only digital agents.

Feedback for the Future

Conversational AI solutions are wonderful platforms for helping customers and gathering real-time feedback. This feedback is invaluable as it allows companies to refine their marketing and customer segmenting strategies. Think of your digital agent as your new best friend who shares everything with you!

Written by Krystle Hastings (Head of Marketing, FinChatBot)


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