The raw computing power we have now places us on the precipice of mainstream breakthroughs on a daily basis. But what does it all mean?

Fifty years ago, we would have needed computers the size of a warehouse to do what we do today on our smartphones. Defining terms such as AI and ML, and what it’s going to do for businesses and society, can be difficult. It is important for everyone to understand some of these basic terms, because we will be seeing them used everywhere.



Krystle Hastings (Head of Marketing at FinChatBot)

Speaker 1:

Julien Nyambal (Forensic Data Analyst and/or ORSSA President)

Julien is a Software Developer/Data Scientist currently working @ Entelect. He is working in the Data Engineering Team at Standard Bank CIB. He mostly does data ingestion and formatting before it is used for Machine Learning or any other Data Science task. Outside industry, Julien is a student, lecturer, father (of 2) and tennis player.

Speaker 2:

Kerryn Gammie (Data Scientist in the AI Team at Absa Group)

Kerryn is a humanities baby trying to understand the intersection between AI and society – particularly how the former can aid the latter, and how to make AI more accessible. Current interests include AI ethics, Kaggle competitions, AI art (?), and reinforcement learning models in the corporate sphere.

Speaker 3:

Thabelo Mmbengeni (Chief Technology Officer at FinChatBot)

Thabelo is the Chief Technology Officer at FinChatBot. He specialises in software development, systems design, migrations to open source systems and software optimisation. He has a BSc from the University of the Western Cape and is passionate about scaling applications for future readiness and business automation.



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