If you’ve worked in a customer service environment for even just a few minutes, you have no doubt heard the phrase ‘the customer is always right’. The idea behind this phrase is quite simple: customers are the lifeblood of any business.

Companies exist to serve the needs of their customers, not the other way around. Understanding and responding to the needs of the customer usually results in business growth and expansion.

As organisations continue to search for ways to meet their customers’ ever-changing needs, there is one solution that towers above the rest. Conversational AI has stepped forward as the leading candidate to solve the current customer service conundrum.

At the heart of a conversational AI solution lies the ability to connect with the individual consumer in a way never previously imagined. Conversational AI solutions are genuinely all about the customer and more businesses are beginning to see that.

Let’s take a brief look at how an conversational AI solution can help an organisation better connect with its customers.

Conversations are just a click away

Whether we like it or not, our smartphones have in many ways become our closest companions. We talk to it about the current events of the day, we ask it about the weather, we even use it as a middleman in our conversations with other humans!

Studies reveal that the average person spends more than 5 hours a day on their smartphone, although you may already know this fact courtesy of your weekly screen time notification. In the current age of social media, conversational AI solutions fit seamlessly into the way that we currently live our digital lives.

As a result, it is the perfect way for companies to connect with their customers. No need to wait for a customer to step through the doors of your store – simply connect with them on platforms that they already frequent.

Conversational AI solutions can offer consumers the kind of one-on-one, personalised interactions they crave, through channels they already understand.

Yes, you should make it personal

When singer Rihanna penned the lyrics, “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world”, she was most likely referring to her customer service requirements. Yes, I’m kidding, but it’s still valid though!

Studies reveal that up to 77% of consumers will choose, recommend or even pay more for a brand that provides a personalised customer experience. Customers love the personalised approach. As a result, companies are increasingly turning to conversational AI solutions to help them develop a personal touch.

Conversational AI solutions can record and store data with every customer interaction and, over time, can build a profile of a particular customer’s habits, likes, dislikes, even shopping hours. All of this valuable information can be used to offer the customer a personalised package of products, services, deals and added benefits. Through a conversational AI solution, this type of tailored approach can build extreme goodwill with consumers, ensuring that they keep coming back.

Round-the-clock companionship

Customer service is no longer limited to office hours. Today, consumers expect organisations to provide immediate responses to their queries, as well as assist them at all hours of the day.

A well-developed conversational AI solution offers the perfect response to these demands. A conversational AI solution can engage with customers in a friendly manner irrespective of the time of day and reply to most generic questions immediately.

Consumers don’t have to wait till 8am on Monday to receive a response to their question; your conversational AI solution can take care of the query immediately!

All of the above-mentioned thoughts simply point to one fact: conversational AI is a critical component of the customer experience. Its very model allows for individual, personalised interaction, in ways that are most comfortable with the customer.

Conversational AI solutions are a must for any company who takes customer service seriously.

Written by Antoine Paillusseau (Co-Founder & CEO, FinChatBot) 


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At FinChatBot, our conversational AI solutions are integrated to accomplish all the goals outlined above. Our passion for technology ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of development with regards to Conversational AI. Our software constantly learns and assimilates information to provide a personalised experience for each customer.

The tone, language, and approach is customisable to meet the ethos of your brand. We accomplish this mission by using existing messenger services (especially WhatsApp) to meet customers where they’re at, with a platform that they are comfortable with.

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