The world has been reeling in the wake of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. Regrettably, countless lives been lost since late November 2019, but it doesn’t end there.

Millions of lives have been interrupted and whole economies have been turned on their heads. We have faced an unprecedented impact on our lives, globally. Countries like Italy, Spain, South Africa, and many other states and nations have forced all non-essential services workers into the isolation of their homes, reduced the size of the workforce to copy with cost constraints, or both.

Fortunately, we live in the tech age, where innovation has a way of answering many of the problems we face at this time – we must just look a little deeper.

Advanced technology like Conversational AI is geared to fill the conversational gap left in the wake of lockdown and help you and your business through these hard times conveniently and cost-effectively.

Digital tools are the Key to Success

While some companies have had to close shop during this awkward time, others have been able to maintain productivity to a reasonable degree, thanks to digital interventions.

Covid-19 has taught us all how vital it is to have a digital footprint in this day and age. Manual labour may have had to cease from time to time, but digitised interaction can remain constant.

Larger businesses in the banking, insurance, and telecommunications industries have managed to maintain a reasonable level of service over this difficult time because they were geared to operate with a less hands-on approach in many areas of their operations. Much of their success in this regard is down to conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. While many staff members were forced into quarantine, digital conversational sales and service solutions kept the business going.

Conversational AI to the Rescue

While no Iron Man suit is available to remove the full effect of Covid-19 on people and economies, FinChatBot’s conversational AI solutions can help alleviate some stress on your business in the following areas:

  • Leads and new customer acquisitions

    FinChatBot’s conversational AI solutions can answer many of your problems right now by ensuring that you do not have to miss out on customer acquisition opportunities. Our customer acquisition solution will greet your customers at the ‘digital door’ and take them on a journey of education and understanding their requirements, to ultimately provide an accurate quote to suit their profile and needs. Our intelligent technology converses with your customers to understand their thoughts on the quote and enables them to etheir speak to an agent or to complete the purchase for a full end-to-end policy sale. Even when a sale cannot be completed, a qualified lead can be generated for your sales team to follow up on. This way, the conversational solution can become known as the ‘digital agent’ by your team – an always available and much-needed friend in times of trouble.

  • Existing client support

    Your existing customers are important to you. Let them know it. By using conversational AI, you stand a far better chance of retaining them in your customer base. While your staff compliment may be down to its bare bones, AI will take up the slack and do all the grunt work for you. Conversational AI can deal with the majority of the queries your customers might have in your business at this time. Where human intervention is needed, the AI can filter queries through to your support staff. In this way, your team will not have to deal with every call that comes through the call center. Conversational AI can assist with quotes, queries, payments, debt collection, and more.

Written by Dr. Raphael Kamanga (COO, FinChatBot)


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At FinChatBot we can customise your conversational digital helper to perfectly match your brand. Your digital helper can live on any channel where your customers are, from your website to social media pages. Our solutions offer the promise of enhancing efficiency, operations, and customer satisfaction. While we have not yet made it to the space age to embark on any ‘Star Wars’ adventures, we can position your business to take its place at the forefront of customer service innovation and to combat the ill-effects of COVID-19 in the business place!

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