What do a chatbot and a children’s charity organisation have in common? Plenty, if FinChatBot, Ozow and Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation NCCF have anything to say about it! 

These three organisations recently teamed up to introduce the world to NASH, a first-of-its-kind AI chatbot aimed at helping those in need. With just a few simple clicks, individuals can donate their time, money or goods to the NCCF, all directly from any web-enabled device.

Where It All Started

The creative minds at FinChatBot came up with the concept of NASH as a creative way to assist the NCCF with fundraising and collecting donations. After pitching the idea to the NCCF, FinChatBot arranged a hack-a-thon in December 2020 to transform this idea into something more.

As the excitement grew, payments processor Ozow joined the fray, adding an integrated, secure payment solution to the innovative chatbot.

How Does NASH work?

The cute and cuddly NASH chatbot is specifically designed to provide an easy platform for people to give to help less fortunate children in SA. By engaging with NASH, individuals can choose what they would like to donate – time, money or goods. Donors can remain anonymous if they wish.

Should anyone opt to donate goods, they have a variety of categories to choose from. These include toiletries, stationery, clothing, shoes and nappies. As long as the children can use the goods, NCCF welcomes them!

Anyone wishing to donate money will be able to do so via a secure EFT payment portal and receive a Section 18A certificate. Those who do not wish to divulge banking information can still contribute. Simply click on the ‘donate later’ option and you will be able to donate via direct deposit.

NASH also welcomes those who simply want to give of their time. Click on the ‘donate time’ option and supply your details.

Making a Difference Through Technology

FinChatBot’s partnership with NCCF and Ozow in the development of NASH is just another example of the company’s commitment to positively impacting people’s lives through its digital solutions and helping those in need. According to Antoine Paillusseau, CEO of FinChatBot:

“Technology has been adopted in many revenue-generating organisational aspects, so the use of technology to benefit the community is the next step in the adoption progression. Organisations should look at including technology in their CSI portfolios as they endeavour to transform other parts of their businesses.”

In the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation, FinChatBot has found a perfect partner to align with. This organisation goes above and beyond in trying to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children all across South Africa. 

The NCCF, established by Nashua in 2006, currently supplies around 600,000 meals a month to roughly 15,000 children. In addition to feeding schemes, the NCCF also places focus on education, a key component in the development of a young child. They do this by supplying a range of school stationery and equipment, such as school stationery, school bags, educational toys and even school uniforms. 

Nashua CEO Barry Venter recently stated:

“The development of NASH is an example of how technology can assist to further drive our efforts in raising funds and improving the lives of those in need. I am extremely grateful for the collaborative efforts of FinChatBot and Ozow in harnessing the power of technology to support our communities.”

The foundation has recognised how technology such as NASH can help them continue to make a difference.

Change Through Collaboration and Innovation

The devastation of the current COVID-19 pandemic has put the most vulnerable in an even more precarious position. In light of this, the collaborative efforts between FinChatBot, NCCF and Ozow is nothing short of amazing. 

Through NASH, each company has been able to showcase the best of what they have to offer and, in doing so, they can make a wonderful difference in the lives of tens of thousands of children. One can only hope that others follow this example.

Find the live link to NASH here.

Written by Cindy Matungulu (Marketing Manager at FinChatBot)


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