In the midst of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), the travel insurance industry has encountered many unexpected shifts and challenges. Almost overnight, South Africans were no longer allowed to travel, regardless of any pre-made travel arrangements. 

In April 2020, the South African President addressed the country, announcing the Covid-19 Pandemic. He advised the country to delay and cancel all unnecessary travel arrangements, which was later upgraded to a complete travel ban.  As a result, holiday makers, business travelers and family and friends planning to travel went into a panic. 

One of the largest travel insurance companies instantly received an extraordinarily high volume of calls and emails about travel insurance claims. This placed its call center and business under enormous pressure. This pressure was only going to increase, especially with level 5 coming into effect, placing all South Africans on lockdown. 

The company needed a digital claims solution and they needed it fast!

Embracing the challenge

Soon after the initial call from the travel insurance provider, FinChatBot got working on a conversational AI claims solution. The main purpose of the solution was to provide customers with an alternative channel to communicate with their travel insurance provider regarding claim submissions. FinChatBot’s agility and flexibility enabled the team to plan, build and implement a solution in just five days, helping its client to uphold its promise to customers of a timely and professional approach.


“FinChatBot’s innovative solution, together with their on-going commitment to the success of this new customer experience, has enabled us to ensure excellent customer experiences.”

Senior Insurance Executive


Key accomplishments

  • Demonstrated high agility and flexibility as a team
  • Delivered a conversational AI claims solution in 5 days
  • 4,7/5 Average user experience rating
  • Ongoing reporting and analytics


Put FinChatBot to the test
At FinChatBot, our conversational AI solutions are integrated to accomplish all the goals outlined above and more. Our passion for technology ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of development with regards to Conversational AI. Our software constantly learns and assimilates information to provide a personalised experience for each customer.

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