Many South African banking institutions have integrated travel insurance into their value-added offerings for customers. As a perk for booking a flight ticket with the relevant credit card, customers receive free travel insurance, as well as the option to top-up (often at preferential rates). To offer this service to customers, banking institutions partner with travel insurance providers to provide travel insurance on their behalf.

In keeping with the goal of offering world-class digital channels for products and services, banks need to make sure the travel insurance experience also delivers a seamless and convenient customer experience.

A prestigious and global bank, who partnered with one of the top travel insurance providers approached FinChatBot to do just this. The goal was to develop a conversational AI end-to-end travel insurance solution that ensured a positive and professional customer experience.

A conversational AI first

FinChatBot’s created its very first end-to-end travel insurance sales solutions for its client, integrated with a secure payment gateway. 

The conversational AI solution was designed to enable customers to secure their complimentary travel insurance policy, with the option of topping up the cover, in less than four minutes. The solution is customer-centric, infusing the experience of getting travel insurance with an enjoyable conversational tone and flow.

Customers are able to access the solution from the bank’s website on desktop, tablet or mobile phone. In addition, the solution caters to today’s busy lifestyle, enabling customers to secure their travel insurance policy ahead of time or arrange it just before getting on the plane (and for some customers, it’s before takeoff)..  

In the first few months of launching the solution, FinChatBot monitored the performance  dashboard and customer feedback closely. Based on the data analytics and customer feedback, it iterated the experience to ensure it delivered on what customers want – speed, efficiency, professionalism and a positive experience. 

Overall, the intelligent digital solution continues to delight customers who are planning a holiday away, going to visit family or organising a business trip. 

“FinChatBot’s innovative solution, together with their on-going commitment to the success of this new customer experience, has enabled Bryte to ensure excellent customer experiences.”

Senior Insurance Executive

Key accomplishments

  • A conversational AI first: End-to-end travel insurance sales solution 
  • Facilitated over 12 000 visitors since the launch in July 2019
  • Sold over R2.5M worth of travel insurance policies since the launch
  • 4,7/5 Average user experience rating
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and data analytics


Put FinChatBot to the test
At FinChatBot, our conversational AI solutions are integrated to accomplish all the goals outlined above and more. Our passion for technology ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of development with regards to Conversational AI. Our software constantly learns and assimilates information to provide a personalised experience for each customer.

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