In 2017, FinChatBot signed MiWay as one of its very first clients. Having the opportunity to create a lead generation conversational AI solution (with one of the top 10 insurance providers in South Africa) validated the solution FinChatBot had developed. It also gave the team a great opportunity to help MiWay accomplish its business objectives.

MiWay, a leader in the insurance industry, offering a range of non-life insurance products and liability cover, wanted a solution that offered more than just lead generation capabilities. It specifically wanted a solution that met the following criteria:

  • Generate qualified leads for car insurance 
  • Ensure seamless handover to the MiWay call center
  • Deliver a positive and memorable customer experience
  • Be innovative and forward-thinking

It all starts with planning

The first step was to engage with MiWay in a workshop to understand its brand, current lead generation processes and fundamental parameters when providing customers with accurate quotes. 

In parallel with this effort, the FinChatBot team began to explore the integration details, methods to ensure seamless handover to the call center and analytics requirements for performance reporting.

From planning to action

Once the team had a clear understanding of MiWays business objectives, systems, process and brand, it could get to work on designing a conversational AI solution.

FinChatBot launched one of its first conversational AI solutions for MiWay in 2017. Accessible from the MiWay website, the solution enables people who are interested in car insurance to quickly and easily get an accurate quote from MiWay  in under five minutes.

The conversational experience is fun, quirky and lighthearted, while still maintaining the professionalism that is always guaranteed by MiWay. Once users receive their quote, they are able to request a call back, upon which their details and quote get sent to the call center, enabling a smooth transition between the conversational and live agent. 


“Our continued engagements, data analytics reporting and insights provide direction and ideas to deliver even greater value as we continue to refine and improve the conversational AI solution for MiWay. “

Antoine Paillusseau, Co-founder and CEO of FinChatBot


“MiWay is pleased to work with FinChatBot to improve the customer onboarding experience. FinChatBot is a strategic and valuable supplier.” 

Christiaan Steyn, Head: Business Insurance

Key accomplishments

  • Achieved strong growth in lead generation
  • Surpassed 60 000 visitors to the solution since inception
  • Generated quotes in excess of R8M
  • 4,5/5 Average customer experience rating from users
  • Ongoing design and tone optimisation work


Put FinChatBot to the test
At FinChatBot, our conversational AI solutions are integrated to accomplish all the goals outlined above and more. Our passion for technology ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of development with regards to Conversational AI. Our software constantly learns and assimilates information to provide a personalised experience for each customer.

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