MTN is always moving at top speed to deliver great innovations. Its innovation objectives are to ensure accessibility and seamless customer experiences.

MoMo is MTN’s newest innovation, a groundbreaking Mobile Money Service. This service enables customers to store, send, and receive money using a mobile phone. It has the added benefit of being connected to multiple providers and suppliers. As a result, it is super easy for customers to manage daily and monthly transactions, such as paying bills, buying airtime, and purchasing groceries from local stores.

As an alternative to setting up a bank account, MTN MoMo enables more people to digitally manage their money in a safer and more convenient way.

The innovative customer acquisition strategy

The MTN team needed to ensure that the registration process for MoMo met its innovation objectives. Thus it set up three important criteria for the registration technology.

  • Firstly, it should offer customers more information about MoMo and how to register.
  • Secondly, it must ensure a quick, easy and overall positive customer experience.
  • Finally, it needs to align to all security protocols to ensure that registration is 100% secure.

MTN MoMo decided on multiple options for customers to sign up, two of which included USSD technology and conversational AI.

MTN partnered with FinChatBot to create a conversational AI solution for MoMo customer acquisition. The solution enables customers to sign up for a MoMo account in just a few minutes from their mobile phone.

Conversational AI for customer acquisition

FinChatBot created a persona for the registration solution called Siza. Siza adds something special to the experience in terms of memorability and an overall more enjoyable experience for customers.

“Siza is our automated MoMo expert, always ready to serve multiple customers all at the same time, 24/7. We chose Siza, which means helpful, as our conversational AI persona to brighten up our customers’ experience, while ensuring we stay aligned with our core objective – helping customers simply manage and keep their money safe.”

Felix Kamenga, Chief Officer of Digital Financial Services at MTN South Africa

Potential customers can access the conversational solution on the MTM MoMo website, or through a link shared by MTN MoMo. They can register in less than five minutes in a fun, seamless and almost effortless way. The solution also offers information on MTN MoMo and provides helpful hints and tips along the way to ensure customers are never left in the dark.

Through FinChatBot’s real time reporting, coupled with analytics, tone and flow optimisation and intelligence-powered insight, MTN MoMo can continue to ensure a bright and enjoyable experience for all its customers.


Put FinChatBot to the test
At FinChatBot, our conversational AI solutions are integrated to accomplish all the goals outlined above and more. Our passion for technology ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of development with regards to Conversational AI. Our software constantly learns and assimilates information to provide a personalised experience for each customer.

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